WTFPL Downloads

Logos and buttons

Buttons are available for projects to promote their switch to the WTFPL.

Medium buttons — 88×31 pixels:

  • wtfpl-badge-1

Small buttons ­­— 80×15 pixels:

  • wtfpl-badge-2
  • wtfpl-badge-3
  • wtfpl-badge-4

Add the following snippet to your web page to indicate a work covered by the WTFPL:

<a href=""><img
       width="80" height="15" alt="WTFPL" /></a>

Use the official logo in your works to show support for the WTFPL:


PNG format (220×160 pixels) or SVG format (scalable vector graphics)

Fan-made comic strip (author unknown)

This fantastic comic strip is a great introduction to the spirit of the WTFPL using a metaphor suitable for children. We do not know the author of this strip, because their name is unreadable. Please contact us at if you have any information!