WTFPL Showcase

Some websites feature collections of works that use the WTFPL.

The WTFPL tag on Freecode (formerly Freshmeat) lists dozens of software entries.

The WTFPL category on Wikimedia Commons lists hundreds of images:


Below is a list of some works that use the WTFPL:

  • libcaca, a graphics library that outputs text instead of pixels
  • zzuf, a multi-purpose fuzzer
  • Lol Engine, an experimental framework for games and 3D applications
  • øbin, a pastebin implementation using encryption
  • el-get, an elisp package manager for Emacs
  • AP3, an Objective C 3D graphics and animation framework
  • bxSlider, a responsive jQuery content slider

Know some important or noteworthy work using the WTFPL? Let us know in the comments!

48 Responses to “WTFPL Showcase”

    • Simon

      Ummmmm – you can’t do that. PHPBB is GPL; if you’re forking it, you have no choice but to remain GPL.

  1. Kalle Launiala


    Thank you so much for this. We are developing free, use-as-you-want a whole “Service Operating System” platform that is complete open source. It uses technical self-automation modularity-structure that requires open source distibution.

    While I see in the future that I might have to comment on the chosen wording of the license (for one particular four-letter word), the expression that it stands for “not-so-free-software” is required in the current license hell.

    I am happy to state that you just saved me half a day for putting the WTFPL up!

  2. Ben in Seattle

    DebianWomen Statistics has a graph of the number of female participants in the Debian GNU/Linux project. The code for the graph is linked at the bottom and is under the WTFPL.

    [By the way, I love your front page picture. It took me several glances before I realized that that third guy was doing what the fuck he wanted to!]


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